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April 19 '96

UEFA have lifted a three-year suspension on Dynamo Kiev, allowing the club the chance to return to European competition next season. See here for more details.

Sept 25 '95

UEFA , on Sunday, confirmed a ban keeping Dynamo Kyiv out of European club competition for three years for attempting to bribe a referee. UEFA's board of appeal also confirmed a life ban on Vasyl Babychuk, Dynamo's vice-president and general manager, and the club's board member Igor Surkis.

Sept 24 '95

Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma appealed to UEFA on Sunday to postpone the suspension of Dynamo Kiev for allegedly attempting to bribe a referee, pending an investigation.

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Sept 22 '95

Dynamo Kyiv have asked the UEFA Disciplinary Committee to make no decision until Ukrainian legal authorities have completed their investigations into Senor Nieto's allegations. However, two factors seem to stand against them. Firstly, UEFA wish the matter to be dealt with well in advance of next Wednesday's 2nd Round games and secondly, Kyiv officials claim they have had 'difficulty in preparing properly 'for the appeal in Switzerland on Sunday.

Meanwhile, despite protests by Anderlecht, it is almost certain that Aalborg will take Kyiv's place in this year's Champions League. If Kyiv's appeal fails, the Danes will play Panathinaikos in the substitute fixture on October 25.

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Sept 21 '95

In a statement today, Dynamo Kyiv claimed that Lopez Nieto, the Spanish referee, had deliberately duped European soccer officials with allegations that club officials tried to bribe him before last week's match. Dynamo said that the referee asked the club to acquire fur coats and hats for the four UEFA officials -- himself, his two linesmen and the reserve linesman. Dynamo said that when Lopez Nieto was told how much the coats and hats for the four officials had cost, he handed them back, saying: "If you're presenting me with such a bill, then I don't need coats or souvenirs" The statement went on: It turned out that Mr Nieto portrayed the bill from the shop to the UEFA representative as an attempted bribe," the statement said.

Meanwhile, it looks like Danish Champions Aalborg, beaten by Kyiv in the Preliminary Round, will replace them in this year's Champions League. Remember something similar happening to the national team in 1992???!!!

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Sept 20 '95

UEFA has banned Ukranian champions Dynamo Kyiv from all European competitions for three years on Wednesday for attempting to bribe a referee. The ban means they can no longer play in this year's Champions League. The decision was made after Spanish referee Antonio Lopez Nieto revealed that 2 Dynamo officials (Vasyl Babychuk, vice-president and general manager and Igor Sourkis, board member) offered him a bribe before last week's European Cup Champions' League match in Kiev against Greece's Panathinaikos The result of the match, 1-0 in favour of Dynamo, has been annulled and both men have been banned for life from UEFA-related activities. Dynamo has until Saturday midnight to appeal against the ban but if the ruling is upheld, the Ukrainian club's place could be taken by another European side, officials said. Dynamo's group A game against Portuguese champions Porto will not be played in Oporto on September 27, regardless of the outcome of the appeal.

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